Cosmetics Constellation ( is looking for cosmetics products, the best products, on about 1,000 sites.

We have partnerships with major brands that offer us exclusive discounts for cosmetics.

Cosmetics Constellation offers you the latest cosmetics products at the lowest prices. Why buy a cosmetics product at a higher price when you can buy it at a lower price?
Moreover, offers you the opportunity to tell us at what price you want to buy a product and when one of our partner platforms has that product at the price you want we will send you an email. Is simple!

We select only the cosmetics products that meet the most demanding quality standards!

He’s smart! is is a learning platform, using APIs from Microsoft, IBM and Oracle to take the most relevant offers for users and make discounts.
The intelligent platform is your creative assistant who is trying to get to know you and to offer you the most suitable cosmetics products.