D R Harris Milk of Cucumbers & Roses 100ml

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Multipurpose and moisturising, D R Harris Milk of Cucumbers & Roses is a gorgeous way of providing total skincare. Among the most renowned items of the hallowed Pharmacist’s 200 year history, the milk cleanses skin in a deep but gentle manner, removing all the dirt and grime while ensuring it remains hydrated in the process. Incredibly light, it’s able to remove certain makeup without resorting to alcoholic-based serums and even works as a fitting base for foundation. Don’t think that means the milk is for females only, as its lotion-like abilities are suitable for all skin types and ages. D R Harris Milk of Cucumbers & Roses takes true advantage of the two ingredients of its name, and not just by using them for its wonderful scent. Cucumber is a powerful source of hydration, something the milk instills deep into the skin as part of the cleanse. Skin will be left feeling thoroughly cleaned and refreshed, with a softness indicative of the years of knowledge and expertise that goes into every D R Harris product. To use D R Harris Milk of Cucumbers & Roses as a cleanser, remove makeup and apply on a pad of cotton wool. Work the milk over the skin and clean off. Use liberally for general use.