Dr Jackson’s Detox Tea (21 Teabags) 53g

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Centred around restoring and replenishing your system, Dr Jackson’s Detox Tea (21 Teabags) 53g will help to cleanse and rid your system of any impurities. Enjoy once in the morning and once in the evening over a 4-5 day period to give your body an improved sense of well-being. Packed with digestion boosting fennel, this envigorating tea also contains elderflower, aniseed and senna fruit to help to alleviate the body of any harmful toxins and free radicals whilst helping to reduce bloating. Spanish liquorice is known for its soothing benefits and has a natural slightly sweet taste. To make the ideal cup, add freshly boiled water and infuse for 3-5 minutes according to taste. This is perfect as an after dinner digestif or any time you want to give your body a gentle cleanse. Can also be enjoyed as a cooling drink in warmer weather: prepare as above, leave to infuse overnight in the fridge and serve over ice.