Evo Ritual Salvation Care Shampoo 300ml

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When brow-beaten, damaged and on the verge of despair, we could all use a little guidance; a little salvation. The same applies to your hair, saved from a life of weak, brittle bother by the strengthening treatment that only Evo Ritual Salvation Care Shampoo can provide. Designed to repair both inside and out, it’s one of the few deeply nourishing cleansers that won’t rob colour treated hair of its vibrancy. Make it part of your ritual and you’ll soon see an improvement in your hair’s resistance to breakage; though keep looking both ways as you cross the street (not all of you is as immune to damage). Evo Ritual Salvation Care Shampoo goes the natural route, understanding long-term hair health can?t be achieved when bombarding locks with potentially damaging ingredients. So instead of Sulphates and Parabens, Ritual Salvation contains conditioning Panthenol for low foaming and intense reconstruction of your hair. Such a careful formula with UVA & UVB protection ensures your chosen colour won?t be diminished, just like you won?t be. Wet hair and lather in Evo Ritual Salvation Care Shampoo. Rinse thoroughly.