How To Apply Eyeliner – How To Apply Eyeliner, Part 1

The old “feel the way you look” adage is of course, nothing more than “old wives tales”, but here’s how to apply eyeliner and remove it. Eyeliner can be applied only at the upper or lower lash line. As a rule, only use liquid eyeliner for eyelashes that are very short and thin.

how to apply eyeliner

Begin by blending your liner from the outer third of your eye down to the middle. This will give your eyelash line definition. Repeat this process all the way down to the bottom of your eyelashes. Note: if you are using artificial eyelashes, leave them on the outer edge of your eye.

Lower the point of your eyelid and blend the color across your lower eyelid. Do this slowly, but steadily. Continue to blend the color from the inner edge of your lower eyelid and work outward. Blend until the line between your eyes is smooth and even. Be sure to tap your eyelid gently from side to side every few seconds to prevent any staining.

Next, apply your upper eyelid. Apply the top most stroke of your liquid eyeliner along the outer rim of your upper eyelid. Use your other hand to dab at the bottom edge of your upper eyelid to tone down any harsh lines. Finish by blending the upper eyelid strokes and the bottom edge of your upper eyelid to bring your eyelash line in line with your natural eye shape.

Blend the top and bottom edges of your upper eyelid to form a rounded U. Use a quarter or half motion to blend the upper eyelid strokes and tap your eyelid gently on the sides to blend.

Move to the lower part of your upper eyelid and use the same method to blend the strokes there. The last stroke of your liquid eyeliner will meet the outer rim of your lower eyelid. Finish by blending out this area with your other hand to refine your eyelash line.

When applying your eyeliner with liquid eyeliner, make sure to hold the brush close to your eye and not too far away. This way, you can get a more even application of your eyeliner.

Apply the liner in the same pattern, going across the upper eyelid, from upper to lower. Use your other hand to dab a little at the bottom edge of your upper eyelid. Blend out this edge with your other hand to give the illusion of fuller lashes. When finished with the upper eyelid, follow the same steps for the lower eyelid.

Another tip for how to apply eyeliner is to turn the wand upside down, just like you would with a pencil. You can then blend the bottom eyelid strokes with your other hand, the same way you blend the upper eyelid strokes. Use the same stroke and tap your eyelid lightly on the sides to give your eyes some definition.

Now that you know how to apply eyeliner, it’s time to define your eyebrows. You can apply a coat of eyebrow pencil first, then use a wash of eyebrow gel. After applying the first coat of gel, leave it to dry overnight before applying the second coat. Rinse it out and set it aside to dry, allowing it to set.

Your next step is to apply a waterproof concealer to your eyes, which you should also do before applying any eyeliner. Apply the concealer in a thin, even line around your eyes. Finally, apply mascara to your lips, making sure it doesn’t make it to the center of your eyes. If you have never applied eyeliner before, it’s important to apply a good quality and natural eyeliner to your upper or lower eyelid and upper or lower lashline.

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